Taste of London 2014 – Regents Park

Starting with humble beginnings at the Somerset House in 2004, the taste festival has grown in the past 10 years to include festivals all over the world including Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Italy, United Arab Emirates and even more. After the initial year, the festival (Taste London 2014) moved to Regents Park where it’s been since. This year’s ‘Taste of London 2014’ of London was no exception and was held in Regent’s Park from June the 18th to June the 22nd. But what is ‘Taste of London’ ? According to it’s website it’s “foodie heaven” but it’s much more than that. It’s a means for restaurants(even Michelin Star restaurants!) to show off their menu in a very accessible bite sized sampler format. The festival isn’t about sitting down and eating a meal, but sampling everything on offer from slivers of steak by Barbecoa to Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream by Custom Creams. Mix that in with some great weather and a tipple and you have your afternoon sorted.

Aside from great food, the festival also attracts beverage vendors from beer to whiskey and champagne. In one of the pictures below, there is a stack of Pilsner Urquell which is a popular Czech beer. With all the restauranteurs pitching their product, this also means there’s opportunity for grocers to make an appearance. There were quite a few asian grocers pitching their product so in some ways this was a bit of a trade fair.

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