Streetfest 2014

Urban street culture has always been something I’m very partial to especially bboying, so when I find out there is an Urban culture festival in Hackney Wick, I’m there. The festival was held over a single day on the 4th of May at Formans Fish Island in Hackney Wick(like all other cool things).I wasn’t really sure what to expect but as long as there was a dance competition , I’d leave a happy man. Fortunately there was just so much to see, like a playground for all things urban from graffiti art, DJing, a market, a stage for performances, BBoying, Skating (with a ramp) , BMX tricks to a cup cake stand(not sure how street this is).

Can’t say the outdoor stage is the best place for a BBoy competition to go down, but competitors really appear to be enjoying themselves in between challenges , just free styling it and doing mini battles. The competitors came from all over including Spain/Poland with even the judges coming in from the Netherlands and Hungary.

If you’re interested in the art scene and urban culture , also check out Hackney Wicked in the same area. The artists living in the area open up their studios for people to come in and view what they’re doing and to speak about what they do.

Forman’s Fish Island

Hackney Wicked 


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