Home ownership

As of the the 13th of march, I’m officially a slumlord. I bought a little council flat in Westferry, right next to canary wharf. will add pictures soon

My dad!

Didn’t know this but dad had a dog called Jimmy after his mom died when he was 12. Turns out after moving around a little and finally moving in to SS3, his dog was lost all of a sudden. He had the dog from 1954 to 1968/1971. Dad just told me the most hilarious story […]

Most expensive breakfast

Every weekend I go out to the cafe down the road for an almost croissant and a coffee. It’s 30% ritual and 90% psychosis. I mean I go so often, I could do this in my sleep which appears to be what I was doing today. Walked out the door thinking about my money and […]

The saddest day of my life

Crickey, i don’t think I’ve ever been hit this hard and this dissapointed as I have been today. Not even the time where I was ripped off by strippers, or the thought that I might be leaving the uk for good. My ps3 broke today :(.

Cardiff half – 2012

So I just ran my cardiff half again this year. Quite pleased I didn’t actually pussy out half way through like i did the GNR so I thought I’d head out into the town and celebrate a little. Get myself a large meal like I normally do.

Anyhoot, day after I read the race […]

Crickey the mass effect ending

Dude, i just spent the better part of the last 2 weeks polishing off every facet of mass effect. And when you polish a knob, you get jizz in your face. I thought how bad could the ending be? It has to be seen to be believed and boy an I a believer. Hallelujah i […]


Years ago when I was still a university student, the world seemed gripped with Pottermania and I couldn’t turn on the TV without mention of the ubiquitous scarred sorcerer. Stubborn as I was(and still am) I was adamant I would never succumb to this fad and I would never read a Harry potter book. Unfortunately, […]

Hole in my heart

Nothing compared to hole in ceiling

That neighbour didn’t respond after all that banging on his door wtf

Dude! I bet he knew wtf was going on and just ignored me

Lost it

Just can’t seem to do anything right? Work was the one thing I was confident in was getting right. Want to hide under my covers

Dem kicks

Looking for a suede toki or a blue leather jack purcell, tasty