Good bye Popo


Everytime I go home I make it a point to go see my grandmother. The problem is I don’t speak any hainanese and my grandmother after having a stroke wasn’t very lucid but I try anyway. The conversation is limited but I hope that she atleast understands I that I love her. Goodbye […]

And I’m a car owner

So I just bought a new car. After finishing my Driving license(Third time lucky) I rushed out and bought a car. Sure , I haven’t really thought about the insurance, or where I’m going to park the car. Or even how to drive it but I wanted one. I could have said no, but I […]

My Grandad

So before everything gets lost to the fog of time, I spoke to my dad and he mentioned a little about my Paternal Grandfather

Apparently my grand father born in Malaysia to a Hainanese great grand father and a Cantonese Great grand mother. For some reason my grand father was taken back to China in […]

A little fixer upper

I thought it would be nice to update the site a little withe the progress of the home. Yknow so when I look back I can show for a before and after and laugh at how little progress I’ve made.


It’s the 26th of April, at least a month after purchasing the property and […]

So I failed my exams

I went for a driving test yesterday and I did pretty well for the most part. Except the part where I failed. That’s right failed. Let’s see where do i start :-

First serious issue was where I try and over take a cyclist at a bend. Which isn’t horrible except that there was an […]

So I passed some exams

Right, its the 30th and after a couple of hours of studying , i’ve passed the life in the uk exam. It’s strange since it’s only 24 questions. I would have thought with 30 pounds of books , it would at least last longer. That was quite anti climatic. Anyway, a pass is a pass […]

And it was strewn all over the floor

When I got back yesterday, I find a bunch of coins strewn all over the floor like someone had smashed a melon with a mallet and it had shat coins all over the floor in defiance. While I am prone to the occasional fuckup, i wasn’t quite expecting to see my coins all over as […]

Zombie Apocalypse!

-1929: Mephedrone first synthesised by Saem de Burnaga Sanchez. *

-2003: Mephedrone re-discovered by underground chemist on the Hive. -2009-2010: Mephedrone gains popularity in the UK and becomes fourth most popular street drug. -2012: Man under the influence of Mephedrone eats the face of his victim. *

-2012-2013: Drug gains popularity due to incident and […]

That bike ride

So I went for the brighton bike ride even though I’ve not trained for it at all. And to motivate myself, or rather blackmail myself into doing it, i take a cab to the meeting point for the london bike ride. Which really is quite strange, as I’ll be cycling 90 fucking kilometers anyway, what’s […]

Cardiff half #2

Right did the Cardiff half at about the 2:21. Previous attempt was 2:26

I’m sexy and I know it