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Not a bad weekend

Didn’t manage to break my 10k pace which i was hoping for but otherwise was an interesting indoor weekend. did my 10k in 1:00:12, off by 12 seconds. According to my watch I did 10.6k though, but who cares when it’s the end to end timing that matters. Must do better, will try for 0:55:00 […]

Finally got it

Took a while, but i finally got it. Guess today is a good day after all 🙂

I’m massively ticked off

Great, I’ve got my hackintosh up and running, its great and if i could play games, i’d marvel at how fucking powerful the machine So I boot to windows

And my built in network card does not fucking work. It’s as if it’s fallen into a coma. Sure the drivers are there, the cables jacked […]


Oh mother fucker it took a while, but finally got my hackintosh machine up and running. I’ve got this smoking bad ass of a machine, I7-950, X58A-UD3R ,6gbs of triple channel ddr and a GTX 275. Now I’ve got all the power i need to…run chrome…

Anyhoot, some instructions on how I got this set […]

Home is where the

Mom is! Living alone sucks man, I pay 4000rm of rent which would get me a fucking villa

I have to wash my own clothes

I have to cook my own dinners. Most of the time when i remember i can’t cook i just eat a sandwich, but I often forget and get ambitious, like […]

Dodge that bullet baby!

Fuh, I must say I’m quite pleased about this about the outcome. I had reserved optimism about the outcome as I expected it was wrong and I’m glad to be proven so. I must say thanks to Gloria though since what she did for me was not standard procedure. :O

Might pop by with […]

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Finally, went for the London 10k.

Now , I expected Hoped to finish in under an hour. At most, I’d give myself 1 hour and 3 minutes. Anything within this time would be considered a success.

Unfortunately, I only managed to finish in 1 hour 6 minutes and 1 second. I’d still consider it […]

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Right, just for reference because in a few years this post might sound alittle peculiar. I’ve been on a bit of a running streak this past six months. Infact I’ve quit smoking 6 months ago during christmas and from there on, i’ve been living this mostly ascetic life. Mostly as I still sometimes go out […]

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here I was backing up some of my photos from picasa when I found this. I need to backup more often as i lost quite a few photos when my hdd that was sent to me died 🙁 🙁

will probably use bonkey to upload via ftp