So I failed my exams

I went for a driving test yesterday and I did pretty well for the most part. Except the part where I failed. That’s right failed. Let’s see where do i start :-

First serious issue was where I try and over take a cyclist at a bend. Which isn’t horrible except that there was an […]

Not a bad weekend

Didn’t manage to break my 10k pace which i was hoping for but otherwise was an interesting indoor weekend. did my 10k in 1:00:12, off by 12 seconds. According to my watch I did 10.6k though, but who cares when it’s the end to end timing that matters. Must do better, will try for 0:55:00 […]


Oh mother fucker it took a while, but finally got my hackintosh machine up and running. I’ve got this smoking bad ass of a machine, I7-950, X58A-UD3R ,6gbs of triple channel ddr and a GTX 275. Now I’ve got all the power i need to…run chrome…

Anyhoot, some instructions on how I got this set […]

Home is where the

Mom is! Living alone sucks man, I pay 4000rm of rent which would get me a fucking villa

I have to wash my own clothes

I have to cook my own dinners. Most of the time when i remember i can’t cook i just eat a sandwich, but I often forget and get ambitious, like […]

Auto Draft

Right, just for reference because in a few years this post might sound alittle peculiar. I’ve been on a bit of a running streak this past six months. Infact I’ve quit smoking 6 months ago during christmas and from there on, i’ve been living this mostly ascetic life. Mostly as I still sometimes go out […]

everything breaks

just why does it all break at the same time. earphones went dead. then the shuffle. then my mouse. then my chair and now my back. fuck. im lying in bed spazzed out from a bad tennis session. fuck exercise. im better off lying on a couch eating pizza.