Good bye Popo


Everytime I go home I make it a point to go see my grandmother. The problem is I don’t speak any hainanese and my grandmother after having a stroke wasn’t very lucid but I try anyway. The conversation is limited but I hope that she atleast understands I that I love her. Goodbye […]

And I’m a car owner

So I just bought a new car. After finishing my Driving license(Third time lucky) I rushed out and bought a car. Sure , I haven’t really thought about the insurance, or where I’m going to park the car. Or even how to drive it but I wanted one. I could have said no, but I […]

A little fixer upper

I thought it would be nice to update the site a little withe the progress of the home. Yknow so when I look back I can show for a before and after and laugh at how little progress I’ve made.


It’s the 26th of April, at least a month after purchasing the property and […]

And it was strewn all over the floor

When I got back yesterday, I find a bunch of coins strewn all over the floor like someone had smashed a melon with a mallet and it had shat coins all over the floor in defiance. While I am prone to the occasional fuckup, i wasn’t quite expecting to see my coins all over as […]

That bike ride

So I went for the brighton bike ride even though I’ve not trained for it at all. And to motivate myself, or rather blackmail myself into doing it, i take a cab to the meeting point for the london bike ride. Which really is quite strange, as I’ll be cycling 90 fucking kilometers anyway, what’s […]

Finally got it

Took a while, but i finally got it. Guess today is a good day after all 🙂

Dodge that bullet baby!

Fuh, I must say I’m quite pleased about this about the outcome. I had reserved optimism about the outcome as I expected it was wrong and I’m glad to be proven so. I must say thanks to Gloria though since what she did for me was not standard procedure. :O

Might pop by with […]

Auto Draft

Finally, went for the London 10k.

Now , I expected Hoped to finish in under an hour. At most, I’d give myself 1 hour and 3 minutes. Anything within this time would be considered a success.

Unfortunately, I only managed to finish in 1 hour 6 minutes and 1 second. I’d still consider it […]

Auto Draft

here I was backing up some of my photos from picasa when I found this. I need to backup more often as i lost quite a few photos when my hdd that was sent to me died 🙁 🙁

will probably use bonkey to upload via ftp


buttered side up my cock

they say that your fucking bread lands on the buttered side up because thats the most relevant one we remember but i swear today that fucking piece of shit bread landed on a square strip of plastic the side of a small key. and by piece of shit bread i meant my keyboard and the […]