And I’m a car owner

So I just bought a new car. After finishing my Driving license(Third time lucky) I rushed out and bought a car. Sure , I haven’t really thought about the insurance, or where I’m going to park the car. Or even how to drive it but I wanted one. I could have said no, but I […]

Zombie Apocalypse!

-1929: Mephedrone first synthesised by Saem de Burnaga Sanchez. *

-2003: Mephedrone re-discovered by underground chemist on the Hive. -2009-2010: Mephedrone gains popularity in the UK and becomes fourth most popular street drug. -2012: Man under the influence of Mephedrone eats the face of his victim. *

-2012-2013: Drug gains popularity due to incident and […]


Twitter, facebook, whatsapp, google+, We’re connected all the time but why does everyone feel so distant..

I’m massively ticked off

Great, I’ve got my hackintosh up and running, its great and if i could play games, i’d marvel at how fucking powerful the machine So I boot to windows

And my built in network card does not fucking work. It’s as if it’s fallen into a coma. Sure the drivers are there, the cables jacked […]

Home is where the

Mom is! Living alone sucks man, I pay 4000rm of rent which would get me a fucking villa

I have to wash my own clothes

I have to cook my own dinners. Most of the time when i remember i can’t cook i just eat a sandwich, but I often forget and get ambitious, like […]

Auto Draft

here I was backing up some of my photos from picasa when I found this. I need to backup more often as i lost quite a few photos when my hdd that was sent to me died 🙁 🙁

will probably use bonkey to upload via ftp