Good bye Popo


Everytime I go home I make it a point to go see my grandmother. The problem is I don’t speak any hainanese and my grandmother after having a stroke wasn’t very lucid but I try anyway. The conversation is limited but I hope that she atleast understands I that I love her. Goodbye […]

My Grandad

So before everything gets lost to the fog of time, I spoke to my dad and he mentioned a little about my Paternal Grandfather

Apparently my grand father born in Malaysia to a Hainanese great grand father and a Cantonese Great grand mother. For some reason my grand father was taken back to China in […]

My dad!

Didn’t know this but dad had a dog called Jimmy after his mom died when he was 12. Turns out after moving around a little and finally moving in to SS3, his dog was lost all of a sudden. He had the dog from 1954 to 1968/1971. Dad just told me the most hilarious story […]