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Right, just for reference because in a few years this post might sound alittle peculiar. I’ve been on a bit of a running streak this past six months. Infact I’ve quit smoking 6 months ago during christmas and from there on, i’ve been living this mostly ascetic life. Mostly as I still sometimes go out for drinks, but what’s life without some fun , right?

Anyhow, I’ve been going running every other day for the past 6 months and from what started as a 2km run in 20 minutes, I’ve moved on to a 15km run over 2 hours. My current goal is to train and complete a 10km run in under an hour. Unfortunately the problem with speed is I need to lighten the baggage.

I broke my personal best today and almost hit my personal milestone which was to complete 8KM in 50 Minutes. Did it in slightly over, at around 50.50 give or take. The current time was the result of deductions from waiting at traffic lights as well. Otherwise it would be about 53 minutes which was my previous best.

And towards that goal, I’ve been wavering in the 89KG section this past couple of days. Hopefully I’ll stay under. The goal is to hit around 84 and then find a way manage my eating so I stop losing weight.

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