Oh mother fucker it took a while, but finally got my hackintosh machine up and running. I’ve got this smoking bad ass of a machine, I7-950, X58A-UD3R ,6gbs of triple channel ddr and a GTX 275. Now I’ve got all the power i need to…run chrome…

Anyhoot, some instructions on how I got this set up, some problems and what I did to fix it.

Firstly, grab the IBoot-GE , mac osx update(should be at 10.6.5) at time of writing and grab a retail 10.6.3 disc.

Keep your system simple, no extra devices, no extra ram, use the vga connector if you have one and remember to use sata-0 for your drive(your motherboard manual should indicate which)

Iboot will enable you to boot into your Mac OSX disc. so get that burnt and put at the top of your pile.

Now reboot, and get into bios, there should be 3 options you care about, under integrated peripherals change the SATA connections from IDE to AHCI. If you don’t do this, the installer won’t recognize your sata drives.

Secondly you’d want to go under power management. Change the HPET to 64 bit. Not too sure what this is for.
Set first boot device to CDROM and save and exit bios.

Boot into your IBOOT-GE disc, this should be automatic if the above was done correctly.

if you’re presented with a GUI screen, you’re on the right track. Eject your IBoot-GE and chuck in your retail snow leopard disc. Press F5. This rescans all bootable devices. Now select your Snow leopard disc. The next part is a little hit and miss, so i’ll explain the problems I had and my solutions. :-

If you get a grey screen with the time icon but later get a black screen as if the monitor has switched to an inactive device, you might be have to set PCIRootUID=1, you do this from the Iboot screen after pressing F5. You’ll notice the text at the bottom of the screen

If you get an error saying the disc could not be installed on this system, you’re probably not using a legit disc. From what I gather retail discs are meant to be generic instead of the discs you get from an actual imac or an macbook.

If everytime you install it just fucking fails with the error “Could not copy necessary support files” halfway through. This is not a successful install. I’ve no idea why this happened, but I kinda cheated. What I did was to use disk utility to create two partitions on my install disc. On of the partitions, I created a recovery disc from my retail dvd. This means that your partition is a copy of your retail dvd, you can now use this to boot and install from here. God I almost tore out my short and curly’s tries to fix this. thought it was ram/hdd/motherboard/cpu.

Now since the install bits are quite straightforward, I’ll skip this part. Once you reboot, use the Iboot-ge to boot into your newly installed mac.

You’ll want to load that osx update you downloaded previously. Once done, run the multi beast install. Remember, you need to install either DSDT or Easybeast, not both otherwise it will fail. FAIL. Take easy beast :).

Now for the next bit, Tonymac has a tweaked nvidia driver, which is great except it did fuckall for my GTX 275. I had to grab the KEXTs from NETKAS before I could get a better resolution. Remember if you’re having with chrome or Safari, its because your graphic card isn’t working at 100%. If you can get it recognized with good resolutions, youre on the right track.

Longstory short, i happy for now. Will continue testing.

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