That bike ride

So I went for the brighton bike ride even though I’ve not trained for it at all. And to motivate myself, or rather blackmail myself into doing it, i take a cab to the meeting point for the london bike ride. Which really is quite strange, as I’ll be cycling 90 fucking kilometers anyway, what’s a couple of kilometers between friends right?

Anyhoot, started at clapham common at about 12 and we start moving around 1? First 30 kilometers was great,I was keeping pace and almost a little competitive.Trying best the bicycle bessies. Didn’t have to spend too much time at the rest stop, I thought hey, i’m almost there, one third done, just one more of this and I’m sorted. Fucking hell, the next leg was LONG. Little back lanes , totally unlit except for the bike lamp. Had to stop once along this leg to take a break as my thighs cramped up.About 50 something kilometers in, I take a break slightly before the rest stop, and again at the rest stop. Yeah, this would be the last stop before the end I say to myself. Google maps on the other hand tells me it’s just barely half way and I had another 40km to go. It felt impossible, 200 meters down from the rest stop, my legs cramp up so bad I can’t stand/walk/move and I had to do another 40 kilometers I ask? Impossible. I was planning my escape route, bus or taxi to gatwick and from there a train straight into victoria.Home sweet home. Legs cramped, by backpack biting into my arm pits, my ass sore. Impossible I say but the idea of giving up pissed me off, so I kept on going. And going. And going.

Anything that even looked remotely like an incline I’d jump off the bike and push it. This would eventually get me to the last rest stop. It’s just stragglers now and the herd has thinned quite considerably. I attack the food station like I was the last zombie alive and bite into that apple like it was oxygen and I was a scuba diver. Took a short break and carried on. The last part was hilly and I was mostly pushing my bike a long. I thought I’d faint near the last hill.

Finally made it to brighton, got changed, ate a big breakfast and pushed my bike to the train station. Didn’t bother looking around as I just wanted to get home and go to sleep. A hard fucking earned sleep. So that medal will never mean the same to anyone as it did to me…


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