Zombie Apocalypse!

-1929: Mephedrone first synthesised by Saem de Burnaga Sanchez.

-2003: Mephedrone re-discovered by underground chemist on the Hive.
-2009-2010: Mephedrone gains popularity in the UK and becomes fourth most popular street drug.
-2012: Man under the influence of Mephedrone eats the face of his victim.

-2012-2013: Drug gains popularity due to incident and copy cat crimes emerge.

-2013: Mephedrone users now colloquially referred to as “Walkers” after TV show.
-2014: Mephedrone usage reaches near epidemic levels.
-2014: GlaxoSmithKline announces merger with Pfizer. Company is rebranded the Umbrella Corporation.
-2015: The Umbrella Corporation pledges funding into innovative gene
therapy research to treat Mephedrone addiction.
-2016: Sir Andrew Witty announces availability of vaccine for Mephedrone addiction via NHS. Vaccine is named T-Virus.

-2017: Initial roll-out of T-Virus to Kingston upon Hull notes 99.99% success rate.
-2018: Adverse reactions to T-Virus noted on patient Gerry Lane including reduced mobility, impaired cognitive reasoning and inflammation of the brain.
-2018: Patient Zero escapes Umbrella Corporation research facility in Stevenage, leaving 3 injured.

-2018: Reports of attacks escalate over 3 days. Armed forces and
Health Protection Agency brought in to investigate.

-2018: Global panic as infection spreads across England. The United Nations declares England a crisis zone. Strict border controls instituted across Europe to control infection.
-2019: The cruise ship Celebrity Galaxy shipwrecks on the coast of New Brunswick, Canada; depositing 1,445 infected passengers.

-2019: The city of Quebec overruns in 2 days.
-2019: Burlington becomes first American City to be infected.

-2019: Infection arrives in Chicago 2 months after first identified in North America. As an act of desperation, the USS Alaska, USS Maine and USS Kentucky launch its Trident II warheads, levelling much of the
American midwest.

-2019: Unaccounted for nuclear weapons silo in Kazakhstan triggers
Mutually Assured Destruction protocol, causing a chain reaction.
-2034: The last human being dies in a cave in Nepal.

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