Crickey the mass effect ending

Dude, i just spent the better part of the last 2 weeks polishing off every facet of mass effect. And when you polish a knob, you get jizz in your face. I thought how bad could the ending be? It has to be seen to be believed and boy an I a believer. Hallelujah i am! The endings were so unsatisfactory it’s not a joke and I thought the extended cut DLC endings would be better. But it’s not. It’s not better, it’s just more.

So, mass effect ending, how do we define thee. Firstly , my big gripe has got to be how the extended cut ending has more content but very little in the way to show the repercussions of your actions. That every choice you made, doesn’t really matter. I was invested in the team, the cast of characters and the choices i’ve made affecting the world i live and fight in. How Aria t’loke got control of omega, how being a paragon made a difference or being a dick has repercussions, how the Krogan without the genophage prospered as a race, and finally and most importantly how the quarians and the geth live symbiotically. The last being the most important, because it answers the fuzzy star child’s concerns about Synthetics and Organics.

Another bit I’ve noticed is the ending cops out. If you choose to destroy synthetics, there is no mention of EDI’s demise or the end of the Geth. Just an omission.

Last bit, all ending options wasn’t something the story was leading up to. I mean an ending needs to be part of the storyline and there was just no foreshadowing that this would be coming. Everything about the game was about a war, a war that needed to be won with a super weapon. Not symbosis, not about the cycles, it just felt incongruous/wrong.

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