Cardiff half – 2012

So I just ran my cardiff half again this year. Quite pleased I didn’t actually pussy out half way through like i did the GNR so I thought I’d head out into the town and celebrate a little. Get myself a large meal like I normally do.

Anyhoot, day after I read the race results and I’m totally pissed off. Being the excel ninja that I am, I pulled together my average standing and what I need to do to get up to AVERAGE Male pace.

To be an average male, I’d need :-10.93 KMH.
To be an average in my category(not old) :- 12.04 KMH
According to the race results I was doing : 8.8KMH

That’s just fuckin pathetic la! I couldn’t do a 12.04 5km race! What the fuck yo!

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