So I passed some exams

Right, its the 30th and after a couple of hours of studying , i’ve passed the life in the uk exam. It’s strange since it’s only 24 questions. I would have thought with 30 pounds of books , it would at least last longer. That was quite anti climatic. Anyway, a pass is a pass which means I can now apply for my residency and go on the dole! Yay

RE: the driving theory test, this is important to anyone reading this. I failed it the first time thinking i should be careful with what I register as a hazard. This is incorrect, you see ANYTHING moving; kids/bicycle/car/4 pixels from bad encoding, you click that button. Better to get 5 points on a video and flop another one. Space out your clicks though, do not button mash, this is not Tekken 6:automotive edition.

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