So I failed my exams

I went for a driving test yesterday and I did pretty well for the most part. Except the part where I failed. That’s right failed. Let’s see where do i start :-

First serious issue was where I try and over take a cyclist at a bend. Which isn’t horrible except that there was an oncoming van. That made us squeeze quite tightly between the cyclist , van and I. Fail :9

Secondly, the dude says parallel park. Which I do quite well. So well infact I’m practically on the curb. Now please note, I said practically not actually on the curb. This is because I was on a flat curb which means I didn’t REALLLLLY know I was on the curb. I think he did though cause he said I was technically parked on a curb and I failed my manoeuvres. Fail 🙁

Lastly, this is my stupidity. I don’t get how my brain tracks information sometimes. I can remember the most obscure, useless piece of information but can barely register remember what I ate yesterday. Any how, I vaguely remember the instructor saying that only 1 car can be in the middle of the road when turning right at a turn signal. So I let the guy go right up the middle and when it’s my turn the light turns yellow and I stop and Spazz. So I’m smack in the middle of no where and my nerves get the better of me. FAIL.

I’m almost tempted to give up. Fuck. that said there’s a lot going on in my life now 🙂

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