Berlin, Prague and Budapest

I had some down time at work and thought it would be a good idea to spend it on holiday instead of going stir crazy at home. I’ve been hearing a lot about Budapest lately and I thought I just had to do it. But doing Budapest a lone wouldn’t have felt fulfilling so I thought I’d go on a long trip to – you guessed it; Berlin , Prague and Budapest.

Berlin was really spread out, and being the smart ass that I am I thought I could walk most of the locations (it’s only an inch on the map, come on). The 3 days I had in Berlin was definitely not enough to get a good “feel” of Berlin. There was just too much to see and do. Only piece of advice would be to skip the Mauerpark, maybe it was just the day I went but it looked like a random assortment of junk. Not buried treasure, but things like VHSs and the assorted ball mice. Do the Berlin alternative pub crawl though, definitely fun night out. 🙂

Prague was so scenic, the sort of place you’d go on holiday for sure. Old town squares,  beautiful bridges, cobbled paths, small Czech bars all over, great place to be. I really regret not doing a night out at the theater and Kutna Hora  home of the bone church. Sure it’s a one trick pony but you know when it comes out on TV (and it will) you can point and it and wink  and say “yeah I’ve been there” . Also please check out this awesome blog of two guys trying to travel the continent for under 1,000£ pounds! Crazy!

I definitely lucked out on Budapest. The weather started to pick up and I was there during the Spring Festival! Every picture just came out so well. Attached are the few pictures from Budapest. Seems to be a very trendy place to be, big art culture from what I saw.  If you do decide to go, check out the ruin bars which in principle is a “pop up bar”.

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