Good bye Popo

My grandmother


Everytime I go home I make it a point to go see my grandmother. The problem is I don’t speak any hainanese and my grandmother after having a stroke wasn’t very lucid but I try anyway. The conversation is limited but I hope that she atleast understands I that I love her. Goodbye popo 🙂

And I’m a car owner

So I just bought a new car. After finishing my Driving license(Third time lucky) I rushed out and bought a car. Sure , I haven’t really thought about the insurance, or where I’m going to park the car. Or even how to drive it but I wanted one. I could have said no, but I need to do adult things like being in debt. Part of Growing up 😀

Just got my new Car

Just got my new Car

My Grandad

So before everything gets lost to the fog of time, I spoke to my dad and he mentioned a little about my Paternal Grandfather

Apparently my grand father born in Malaysia to a Hainanese great grand father and a Cantonese Great grand mother. For some reason my grand father was taken back to China in his youth to Hainan island where he came back when he was a teenager.

My moms side is also kind of interesting as my Grand mother was born in Tampin and not Hainan Island.

Also final piece of family history, my dad was supposed to be go back to Hainan island in his youth but my grand mother rejected the idea. Good for her!

A little fixer upper

I thought it would be nice to update the site a little withe the progress of the home. Yknow so when I look back I can show for a before and after and laugh at how little progress I’ve made.


It’s the 26th of April, at least a month after purchasing the property and very little work has been started. I’m getting a little frustrated with how long the builder is taking and might very well ditch the guy.

Basin and Bath

Basin and Bath

The phone from the thunderbirds

The phone from the thunderbirds

The bath

The bath

Living room

Living room

Harry Potter room

Harry Potter room

Picture of the balcony

Picture of the balcony

Home ownership

As of the the 13th of march, I’m officially a slumlord. I bought a little council flat in Westferry, right next to canary wharf. will add pictures soon

My dad!

Didn’t know this but dad had a dog called Jimmy after his mom died when he was 12. Turns out after moving around a little and finally moving in to SS3, his dog was lost all of a sudden. He had the dog from 1954 to 1968/1971. Dad just told me the most hilarious story about the dog going out, getting in to a fight and losing a testicle.

My parents named me after a character from a TV show called Hart to Hart after the the jet setting millionaire Jonathan Hart.

So I failed my exams

I went for a driving test yesterday and I did pretty well for the most part. Except the part where I failed. That’s right failed. Let’s see where do i start :-

First serious issue was where I try and over take a cyclist at a bend. Which isn’t horrible except that there was an oncoming van. That made us squeeze quite tightly between the cyclist , van and I. Fail :9

Secondly, the dude says parallel park. Which I do quite well. So well infact I’m practically on the curb. Now please note, I said practically not actually on the curb. This is because I was on a flat curb which means I didn’t REALLLLLY know I was on the curb. I think he did though cause he said I was technically parked on a curb and I failed my manoeuvres. Fail 🙁

Lastly, this is my stupidity. I don’t get how my brain tracks information sometimes. I can remember the most obscure, useless piece of information but can barely register remember what I ate yesterday. Any how, I vaguely remember the instructor saying that only 1 car can be in the middle of the road when turning right at a turn signal. So I let the guy go right up the middle and when it’s my turn the light turns yellow and I stop and Spazz. So I’m smack in the middle of no where and my nerves get the better of me. FAIL.

I’m almost tempted to give up. Fuck. that said there’s a lot going on in my life now 🙂

So I passed some exams

Right, its the 30th and after a couple of hours of studying , i’ve passed the life in the uk exam. It’s strange since it’s only 24 questions. I would have thought with 30 pounds of books , it would at least last longer. That was quite anti climatic. Anyway, a pass is a pass which means I can now apply for my residency and go on the dole! Yay

RE: the driving theory test, this is important to anyone reading this. I failed it the first time thinking i should be careful with what I register as a hazard. This is incorrect, you see ANYTHING moving; kids/bicycle/car/4 pixels from bad encoding, you click that button. Better to get 5 points on a video and flop another one. Space out your clicks though, do not button mash, this is not Tekken 6:automotive edition.

And it was strewn all over the floor

When I got back yesterday, I find a bunch of coins strewn all over the floor like someone had smashed a melon with a mallet and it had shat coins all over the floor in defiance. While I am prone to the occasional fuckup, i wasn’t quite expecting to see my coins all over as I would have surely remembered. Did i forget to clean up? Was it a cat? Perhaps a sudden gust of wind had managed to unseat a good 2 kilograms worth of coins 5 feet across the bedroom. Many things went through my mind, but little made sense. And very slowly like a wave smothering a rather stupid looking bald man shape rock, i realised someone else had been in my room. My primary thoughts at the time weren’t that I had lost anything, but what the thieving bastard must have thought of me as he rifled through my personal belongings? Did he think any less of me because of my drab curtains? Perhaps an Ikea catalogue intentionally tucked away next to the shitter as a non so subtle hint I should consider updating my home furnishing. Either way, i start to panic and to run a roll call. The only few things missing was the stack of coins, a portable drive and my brand new ipad that i got as a gift. Now i really start to panic, as the person who had just judged my poor interior decorating choices was now having a snicker as he perused my browsing history. :Z

I scamper thinking that the faster I move, the more likely I’ll be able to undo the damage. Chucked my shopping into the fridge as fast as I could and surveyed possible entrances hoping to learn a little something about my perpetrator, that maybe if I understand who he is, I won’t be so vulnerable. That or I get kicks playing Nancy Drew. Not learning anything, I speak to the neighbours to find out if they’ve overheard anything. Perhaps someone casually shouting his own name and the fact he was indeed robbing my home. Again, no luck. Now the reality of it has all sunk in, I put myself in damage control mode to understand what I needed to sort out first and top of that list would be my Passwords. Next stop would be the police station in Chiswick down the road.

Some policemen comes over in the half hour or so as I chew through my mixed vegetable dinner and ask me a couple of questions regarding the break in. Things like the content that was stolen and approximate price etcetra etcetra so they can file a police report that another team can take over. They were very profesional and spoke to me about how I can prevent the issue and interviewed the neighbours as well.

The next day, I get called by a DC regarding the break and he starts asking some question regarding the ipad and how it might be possible to check the location of the ipad by looking up my Apple login and password which he asks over the phone. Now my world view has been severely damaged by the break in so I assume everyone is out to get me, to which i tell him I can’t provide a password over the phone. What am I? a Chump? Anyway, I rush back home to the Hammersmith police station hoping to check the guy out, to which he calls and is apparently stood infront of my house. I make up my mind that if the person i see is plain clothes, there is a chance I migth be getting scammed so he’ll have to quote the crime reference number which only I and the police have at this point. Turns out the guy was legit. I still call 101 to find out if he was who he says he was.

Most expensive breakfast

Every weekend I go out to the cafe down the road for an almost croissant and a coffee. It’s 30% ritual and 90% psychosis. I mean I go so often, I could do this in my sleep which appears to be what I was doing today. Walked out the door thinking about my money and my finances when I do my 3 way pat down(the trifecta , keys, phone wallet) and i notice one isn’t there right as the door locks shut. Shitting myself realising i don’t have my keys with me, i repeatedly pat myself down anyway hoping i might have “accidently” taken my set of keys in a haze. I didn’t. Luckily enough I had my phone with me so i could source out a locksmith. Unfortunately it cost me 95 pounds…..